Hungary For A Little East-EuroPop?

April 9, 2010 at 8:20 am | Posted in Europe, Hungary | 3 Comments
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by Tripatini staff

Meet Gabriella, Ádám, and Zsolt, Budapest thirtysomethings who formed the electro-pop group Unique in 1997 — and who’ve been music-obsessed ever since they were mini-Madyars. Blonde Gabi, for example, made a splash way back in ’92 when she walked away with “best solo singer” on the Hungarian TV show Teenage Star Search. With her on vocals and her pair of wingmen on keyboards, the trio persevered finally hitting the big time in 2001, when a Unique tune was picked as the theme for the country’s first reality show and they released their first recorded single. Now five albums and various singles and remixes later, they’re a fixture in the top tier of Hungary’s pop music scene, and here’s their latest hit single, Hiszed vagy sem. Its music eminently danceable (as usual), in this video Gabriella dons racoon makeup and a shimmery dress and swans around a dark, glistening pool of water while crooning about a girl dreaming of her departed significant other. We’re told there’s an English-language version of this, with the ungrammatical, slightly garbled title “Unhappy Ending Dream,” but the actual translation of the Hungarian original is “believe it or not.” Confusing? Well, whatever — it’s the most kick-butt boo-hoo we’ve seen in a while, that’s for damn sure…



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  1. They are really great. The best pop group in Hungary.

  2. Agree. The best in Hungary. And I’m telling you, if the world understood Hungarian, they would be surprised how sophisticated, cool and meaningful lyrics they’ve got.

    • That’s true, it’s not just good music, but great music with amazing lyrics and that’s really hard to find nowadays. Once I put in a song I have to go through all of them, it’s that good!

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